Meet Blue's Baby Brother

Meet Blue's Baby Brother

The game is intended for kids between the ages of 4 – 10 years old
3.7  (15 votes)
Nick Jr. Arcade

Meet Blue's Baby Brother is an adventure game for little kids based on the cartoon with the same name in which you must help the blue puppy find its baby brother. Throughout the game kids will visit different locations looking for clues that help them find the baby brother. To get more clues, kids will have to play a series of games that will surely keep them busy. The puppy will guide them all the time telling them what to click on, what to do, etc., repeating the instructions several times, so they can understand them clearly. The game is full of dialogs between the characters that your kid must follow in order to know what to do and understand the story.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't have very good graphics and the sounds are not excellent. It is actually a bit old, so the graphics look blurry, but I guess kids will certainly not notice that and will enjoy the game anyway, specially if they watch this cartoon.
In short, Meet Blue's Baby Brother is just another game for little kids that will attract their attention, even though its graphics are not very good.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Educational content
  • Nice story
  • Cute characters


  • Not very good graphics and sounds
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